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Living in a multi-residential community can be viewed as living in a commune.  It is almost impossible to ignore your neighbors and their actions.  Living in a house, the number of people that you each have to accommodate is limited, however in a multi-residential community there are far more people to accommodate.  In order to enjoy this kind of living arrangement, we have to be cognizant of our neighbours and avoid any such behavior that will disturb the community.  A property management company unfortunately has to deal with this almost on a daily basis.

Let’s identify the most common issues that we need to avoid while living in a multi-residential community. Without a doubt, the number one issue is noise.  This may be in the form of music, banging, foot steps from the unit above, etc.   While we all, to a certain extent, enjoy one type of music or another, we have to consider the hours of the day.  It would be very inconsiderate for a resident to play Justin Bieber at one a clock in the morning, at full volume.  I am sure most residents would not like it either, especially if you have to get up at six in the morning to go to work, or it is the weekend and you want to relax and sleep in, just to have loud music wake you up at seven in the morning.  If you have friends over for a party, and you expect some noise, let your neighbors know in advance and ask your friends to keep it down.   As well, when you come home late and if your unit is not carpeted, please take off your shoes so as to avoid making noise which will disturb your neighbors below.

Another issue that may create friction among neighbours is residents dropping items off their balcony, such as cigarettes butts or water dripping below from watering plants, or shaking out their area rugs over the balcony.  These actions should be avoided.  If however, for some reason it occurred by accident, you should contact your neighbour immediately and apologize.

Also, leaving garbage either in front of your door or on the floor in the disposal room should be avoided as it is not only unsanitary but also not considerate to your neighbours.  Please take the necessary steps and dispose of it by putting it in the garbage chute or designated garbage areas. Please do not leave large items in the garbage room either or push them into the chute as it will probably block the chute and create a backup.  You can always contact the property manager to inquire about where and when you can leave large items that you wish to dispose of.

Then there are cooking smells: while you may love to cook particular foods, this may not be especially appealing to your neighbors.  You should always use the fan above your stove to eliminate these smells, as well as open your windows.  This may also apply if you are a smoker.

Another common complaint we hear from residents is that “Someone is parking in my spot”.  If you have a designated parking spot, please park there.  If someone else has parked in your spot, do not park in another person’s parking spot as this will create a chain reaction.  Please contact your property manager, who will advise on how to deal with the situation.

Then of course there is the mail room.  Yes, we do get a lot of junk mail.  I know that some of us would like to dispose of it as quickly as possible, but please do not throw it on the floor.  There is usually a garbage can in the mail room specifically for this purpose.  Please be sure to use it.

If you are a dog owner, remember it comes with a lot of responsibility, which you will already know.  However, please take into consideration that your neighbors may not be comfortable around them and they should always be kept on a leash in the common areas of the community.   Also, please remember to poop and scoop and clean up after your pet.

Then, we all need from time to time to use the elevators in the building for a delivery, moving, etc.  Please remember that the elevators are for the use of all residents and arrangements should be made accordingly to book it so that everyone can be accommodated.

If you are lucky enough and your building has a fitness room, you need to remember that it is for the use of only the residents.  Your friend may want to use it but you should explain to them that as much as you would like to invite them, you cannot.  Also, try and limit the use of the equipment, so that other residents can use them as well.  Once you are finished, you should ensure that you wipe down the equipment as the person who will come after you will appreciate it very much.  Most fitness rooms will have gym wipes available for this purpose.

Please remember, the basic rule for living in a multi-residential community is that you be considerate to your neighbours.


Shlomo Sharon is CEO of Taft Management Inc. and a member of CCI since 2002. Taft Management Inc. is an ACMO 2000 Certified Property Management Company and has been providing property management services since 1996. Visit the website for further information or email him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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