The primary objective at Taft Forward Property Management Group is to maintain the property at the highest level of professional standards and to the satisfaction of the property owner(s), unit owners, and tenants.

Taft Forward's property managers report to the Board on behalf of the owner(s) and manage all contracting maintenance or refurbishment in the assigned building through its Taft Forward Property Management Corporate Head Office at 250 Davisville Ave., Suite 108, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Taft Forward provides the following administrative services:


  • Administers and monitors the financial transactions necessary for the operation of the property.
  • Provides safety, security, satisfaction and a general feeling of well-being for the owners/residents occupying the assigned building.
  • Maintains the building to the standard of the owner(s).
  • Provides professional and timely service for the people working in or using the facility.
  • Maintains a formal and harmonious relationship with the unit owners, residents and visitors to the building.
  • Communicates and enforces the Corporation's Declaration, By-laws, Status Certificates, and Rules and Regulations in accordance with the new Condominium Act, 1998.
  • Attends monthly Board Meetings, Annual General Meetings and other meetings as required by the board.
  • Attends to risk management and the insurance coverage of the property, where required.
  • Arranges for financing in case of need for major capital repairs.


  • Hires all workers, trades, and professionals as may be required for the proper repair, restoration, operation, and maintenance of the property.
  • Collects all rent and common element fees from the tenants and unit owners.
  • Disburses expenses related to the property.
  • Maintains all technical and financial records, agreements, contracts, etc., required for the management, supervision, and control of the property.
  • Reports on a monthly basis to the Board on all aspects relating to the operation of the property, including summary financial statements and analysis, reports on non-recurring construction, renovations,repairs, etc., which affect the general management and operation of the building.
  • Maintains and controls all banking in order to provide sound operating funds.



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Taft Management and Forward Property Management Group

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Toronto, Ontario
M4S 1H2 Canada
Tel : (416) 482-8001
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