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Condo Living sent the following question to Shlomo Sharon, President, Taft Forward Property Management Group


My brother purchased a condo last weekend. It was originally an apartment building approximately 25 years old that has been completely renovated and sold as condominiums.

On moving day he discovered that the washing machine would not fit through the door to the Laundry Room in his unit. The doorway was only 25 inches wide. He had to remove the doorframe in order for the washer to go in…and will remain off until the dryer is delivered.

My question is…who is responsible for the repairs and re-installation of the doorframe? Are there no building codes on doorway entrances etc.?


The building most likely met all the building codes required before the conversion was approved. If your brother wants to make further inquiries, he may do so by contacting the municipality's building and inspections department.

With respect to the doorframe, which is within the unit, your brother should determine whether the doorframe is legally defined as part of the unit or the common elements and whether there are any restrictions on removing the doorframes. This information would be contained in the Declaration, which forms part of the condominium documentation that your brother would have received when he purchased the unit. Your brother may also contact property management or the Board of Directors to assist in determining whether the removal and reinstallation of the doorframe is the unit owner's responsibility.

Your brother will want to ensure that he has not something that contravenes the condominium documentation - so contact management or the board as soon as possible.

I would recommend to any condominium owner to measure the doorway and ensure that he or she will be able to get all of his furniture and contents comfortably into the doorway of the home well before moving day.

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