Pool Rules Cause Diaper Dilemma

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Public Regulations Differ From Condo Ones


When my daughter visited me at my Etobicoke condo with her 15-month-old daughter, we all went into the pool. Shortly after, the superintendent informed us that a baby not toilet trained is not allowed in the pool.

The baby had a "kooshie" diaper on over her regular diaper. All public swimming pools will allow pre-trained children into the pools with this type of diaper.

Could you explain why we were / are not allowed access to the pool and what the regulations are in this matter?


Your point with respect to public swimming pools is correct. However, the rules relating to swimming pools in a condominium corporation may be quiet different. You will need to review the rules of your corporation to determine if the superintendent is right or not.

We would recommend that, as an owner of a condominium unit, you should review and become familiar with the declaration, bylaws and rules of your corporation so you are aware of the restrictions imposed on the use of your unit and the common elements (including the pool).

It is possible that, although you took the steps you felt were adequate, the rules do not permit infants or children to swim in the pool if they are not toilet trained.

If the rules are silent on the issue, you should then inquire with your property manager and/or the board of directors to determine why your granddaughter was not allowed to swim in the pool.

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